30 Alpine Plant Collection

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Alpines are a great collection of plants that originate from mountainous or rocky regions. They have a compact habit, making them excellent for ground cover, where they can be planted in summer borders, rockeries, raised beds and patio containers. The collection of 30 includes 3 of each variety: Saponaria ocymoides (pink flowers), Armeria maritima Splendens (pink pom-pom shades flowers), Aster alpinus Winter Wonder (white daisy-like flowers), Aubrieta Cascade Blue (violet-blue flowers), Sedum Kamtschaticum (buttery yellow flowers), Aster alpinus Blue Wonder (light blue daisy-like flowers), Evening Primrose (vibrant yellow flowers), Pulsatilla Rubra (bell-shaped plum flowers), Prunella grandiflora Rubra (deep pink flowers) and Edelweiss (Leontopodium nivale, pure white flowers). 

UK-grown 5cm module plants supplied

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