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Blueberry BrambleBlueberry Bramble

Bringing a series of delicious recipes together under one roof, welcome to our dedicated Cocktail Recipe of the Month blog.

As it grows, we aim to deliver recipes you can try at home featuring crucial ingredients you can arrange to be delivered straight to your door.

This month, we bring you a great recipe to try making this autumn.

October - Gunshot Infused Gin

Gunshot Infused GinGunshot Infused Gin



  • Add the ingredients to a Boston shaker with ice, shake well.
  • Sieve through a hawthorn strainer.
  • Serve with a cinnamon stick wrapped in orange peel.
  • Light the cinnamon stick for extra effect!

September's Stylish Tipple - Stirrup Classic

Stirrup ClassicStirrup Classic


  • Gin Bothy Stirrup Cup Gin – 50 ml
  • Sparkling Apple Juice
  • Bob’s Bitters Lavender – a few drops
  • Apple or Fresh Gorse Flowers


Add ice to a long serve glass.

2 Pour over the Gin Bothy Stirrup Cup Gin.

3 Add the sparkling apple juice.

4 Add a couple of drops of Bob’s Bitters Lavender.

5 Garnish with an apple fan or fresh gorse flowers.

August's Awesome Recipe - Raspberry Fizz

Raspberry FizzRaspberry Fizz



1 Add the Gin Bothy Raspberry Liqueur to a Champagne flute glass.

2 Top up with Prosecco or Champagne.

3 Add fresh raspberries.

4 Garnish with a sprig of mint.

July's Wonderful Recipe - Bothy Spice

Bothy Spice CocktailBothy Spice Cocktail


  • Gin Bothy Chilli Liqueur – 35 ml
  • Tonic Water or Lemonade
  • Dark Chocolate Straw or Mint Matchmaker
  • A Sprig of Fresh Mint and Fresh Chilli


1 Add the Gin Bothy Chilli Liqueur to a glass with crushed ice.

2 Top up with tonic or lemonade.

3 Add a dark chocolate straw or Mint Matchmaker.

4 Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint and slice of chilli

A Bit of a Showstopper - Our June Recipe

Blueberry BrambleBlueberry Bramble


  • Gin Bothy Original Gin – 50 ml
  • Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice – 20 ml
  • Sugar Syrup – 15 ml
  • Tonic Water (try Pomegranate & Basil or Cucumber & Watermelon)
  • Drizzle of Gin Bothy Blueberry Liqueur
  • Fresh Blueberries


1 Mix with tonic in a Boston shaker with ice.

2 Pour into a glass and drizzle with the Gin Bothy Blueberry Liqueur.

3 Add four blueberries to a cocktail stick and over the glass to garnish.

Spring in full Swing - Our May Recipe

Rhubarb Mule

Rhubarb MuleRhubarb Mule



1 Gin Bothy Rhubarb Liqueur to a glass with crushed ice.

2 Top up with ginger beer.

3 Finish with a squeeze of lime.

4 Garnish with a cinnamon stick.

Our April Addition

Thai Chilli Mojito

Thai Chilli MojitoThai Chilli Mojito



1 Add the mint leaves, coriander and chilli slices to a highball glass.

2 Add the Gin Bothy Liqueur, Aperol and lime juice, muddle together.

3 Add crushed ice, stir with a long stirrer and top up with tonic water.

4 Garnish with a little chilli, mint leaves and coriander.

Our Marvellous March Recipe

Amaretto Sour


  • Gin Bothy Amaretto Liqueur – 50 ml
  • Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice – 25 ml
  • Sugar Syrup – 15 ml
  • Egg White – Half an egg’s worth
  • Honeycomb


1 Pour the Amaretto into a shaker with lemon juice, sugar syrup and ice.

2 Strain through a hawthorn strainer into a coupette glass.

3 Add the egg white to the shaker and dry shake.

4 Double strain to remove the bubbles and grate honeycomb on top.

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