Attention, Troops! Top Commando Comics gifts

Commando Comics Calendar 2022Commando Comics Calendar 2022

Thrilling readers with tales of heroism, valour and comradery across land, sea, and air since 1961, Commando Comics is Britain’s longest-running War Comic.

Famous for its heroic tales and stunning artwork, here are top Commando gifts to consider this Christmas.

1. The Art of Ian Kennedy

The Art of Ian Kennedy BookThe Art of Ian Kennedy Book

Over 70 years and over 1,000 Commando covers since he first started illustrating for DC Thomson, The Art of Ian Kennedy is a must-have for fans of the celebrated artist and Commando fans alike.

Highlighting work from throughout his career, this wonderful comic celebration features work from the DC Thomson archive and Ian’s personal collection.

Throughout the 160-page art book, readers will rediscover classic covers and encounter never-before-seen pieces from Commando and a diverse selection of titles Ian has worked on through the years.

2. Commando Calendar 2022

Commando Calendar 2022Commando Calendar 2022

Celebrating their 60th anniversary this year, Commando Comics continues to bring readers thrilling tales of heroism, valour, and comradery.

In their latest calendar, Commando Designer Grant Wood has curated a wonderful collection of covers from 60 years and over 5,400 issues of archives.

Covering the Classic Golden era to modern day masterpieces, artists featured include Ian Kennedy, Keith Burns and Neil Roberts.

3. Ramsey’s Raiders Vol.1 & 2 Pack

Ramsey's Raiders Volume 1 & 2Ramsey's Raiders Volume 1 & 2

A great-value pack containing Ramsey’s Raiders Vol.1 and Ramsey's Raiders Vol.2, enjoy classic stories about the iconic rag-tag team of maverick soldiers operating behind enemy lines!

Commanded by the intrepid Captain Jimmy Ramsey, enjoy adventures including the third and fourth issues of the classic Raiders’ stories.

4. Starblazer

Starblazer ComicStarblazer Comic

Bringing together two classic issues from the archives, Starblazer returns with Operation Overkill and the Jaws of Death.

Blown up to full graphic novel size with an exciting new cover, this is a must for the collectors and Science Fiction fans.

5. Black Sun Squadron T-Shirt

Black Sun Squadron T ShirtBlack Sun Squadron T Shirt

Partisan forces go to toe to toe with the might of Marko Vida’s crack team in skies over Croatia in Black Sun Squadron!

Featuring wonderful cover art from Carlos Pino, our Black Sun Squadron T-Shirt celebrates one of Commando’s modern masterpieces.

6. Fire Fight T-Shirt

Fire Fight T-ShirtFire Fight T-Shirt

Ex-London firefighter, Carl Strode puts his experience in hot situations to use in the Kuwait Desert. Our T-Shirt Design celebrates Fire Fight, a heroic tale penned by Dominic Teague with cover artwork from Neil Roberts.

7. Killer Commando

Killer Commando T-ShirtKiller Commando T-Shirt

A commando gone rogue, a civil police officer on the case after a murder on his batch, our next design features the blitz-inspired cover from Killer Commando.

First published in 2017, Mike Knowles penned the story with legendary artist Ian Kennedy supplying the cover.

8. Trouble Hunter

Trouble Hunter T-ShirtTrouble Hunter T-Shirt

Corporal Harry Cotton’s courageous adventures out in the desert against unrelenting enemy forces takes centre stage in our next T-Shirt design.

Gordon C. Livingstone created the cover for this memorable issue as well the fantastic art depicting Harry’s double-fisted heroics.

9. Zero Hour T-Shirt

Zero Hour T-ShirtZero Hour T-Shirt

Following in his brother’s steps, Joe Hartley struggles to impress veteran soldiers in his brigade. However, as the war reaches its end, Joe would have his revenge in Zero Hour.

Featuring another action-packed cover from artist, Ian Kennedy, this T-Shirt is a must-have for Commando fans.

10. Spitfire

Spitfire T_ShirtSpitfire T_Shirt

A nostalgic design depicting one of the great symbols of the Battle of Britain, embrace the Commando spirit with this striking T-Shirt.

Also available with bulletholes, this is the perfect fit for a true adventurer.