Lovely Daffodils for Your Spring Garden


Autumn bulb planting in mind, we explore a colourful selection of Daffodil sure to catch the eye in your garden next spring.

1. Tenby

Tenby DaffodilTenby Daffodil

A native to the UK, Tenby is an option relatively small yet full of character and colour.

Famously referenced in a poem by William Wordsworth, Tenby daffodils produce a citrus lemon yellow spring display.

2. Replete

Daffodil RepleteDaffodil Replete

Highly fragrant, Replete is a wonderful daffodil display option.

Known for its sweet scent, Replete grows pink-white flowers surrounding a lovely apricot-pink centre.

Best enjoyed in a location in your garden where you can fully appreciate its scent.

3. Mount Hood

Mount HoodMount Hood

Growing a large white trumpet, Mount Hood first appears as a creamy yellow. As the flower ages, readers will notice the flower turning into a pure white colour.

One to savour this approaching spring, Mount Hood flowers in March and April.

4. Actaea


A firm English favourite, Actaea is a prominent poeticus variety, growing wonderful, slightly overlapping petals with a yellow (with red around the edges) eye.

Tends to flower in April and May, suitable for containers or your patio pots.

5. Holland Sensation

Holland SensationHolland Sensation

Enjoying a long flowering season and fantastic blossoms, Holland Sensation offers a contrasting spring flower solution.

Enjoy beautiful white petals skirting a large yellow corona next spring. A star attraction if planted as part of a mixed display, Holland Sensation flowers from March into April.

6. Golden Echo

Golden EchoGolden Echo

A popular variety of Jonqilla Narcissus, Golden Echo produces large white-petal flower heads.

Ideally planted in borders or patio pots, Golden Echo also makes for a lovely cut vase display.

7. White Marvel

White MarvelWhite Marvel

A wonderful addition to any garden immediately grabbing attention, White Marvel develops beautiful creamy white petals.

Another fragrant option for readers to consider, White Marvel grows to a height between 30-35 centimetres.

8. Tahiti

Daffodil TahitiDaffodil Tahiti

Enjoy lovely rich colour with Tahiti. Admire Tahiti’s golden yellow, with smaller orange-red petals at their centre, from April onwards. One to savour year after year, Tahiti is a quite long-lasting variety.

9. Piper’s End

Piper’s EndPiper’s End

Growing beautiful white flowers, Piper’s End is also easily recognised thanks to its sweet scent.

Add a little lovely fragrance to your garden with this delightful pots or border solution.

10. Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill DaffodilsSir Winston Churchill Daffodils

Blooming towards the end of April and into May, Sir Winston Churchill is worth the wait.

At times, growing up to four stems, this fragrant flower is perfect for readers looking for a cut indoor display solution.

11. Dick Wilden 

Dick Wilden DaffodilDick Wilden Daffodil

At its best in sunny and partly shaded locations around the garden, Dick Wilden produces pure yellow double flowerheads that will return year after year.

Growing u to 45 centimetres, Dick Wilden flowers from early April onwards.

12. White Lion

White Lion NarcissusWhite Lion Narcissus

Famous for its waxy white flowers, double centre petals take front and centre stage with White Lion.

Great indoors as a cut display or left to prosper in borders or in patio pots, White Lion grow to around 40 centimetres when fully mature.