The People’s Friend: Farmer & His Wife Vol. 3

farmer & his wife 3

The eagerly awaited third volume of The People's Friend: Farmer & His Wife collection is now available!

For many years, the stories of John and Anne Taylor and their life in the area of Fife known as the Riggin have been a mainstay of “The People’s Friend” magazine.

The first story was published in the “Friend” in 1981 and has been a popular feature ever since.  To illustrate each story we called upon one of our most popular artists, a gentleman by the name of Douglas Philips. He captured the warm and homely feel of the series perfectly, and over thirty five years later the series is still among the most popular features in the magazine.

People's Friend Artist Douglas Phillips

Enjoy the third collection of these much-loved tales, accompanied by the original watercolour illustrations created by Dundee artist Douglas Phillips.

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