Hyacinth Bulbs – 9 to Plant This Autumn


Extremely popular, offering bountiful colour and a long spring flowering season, we look at some fantastic Hyacinth options available to order now on the DC Thomson Shop.

1. Bedding Size Hyacinths Mixed

Tulip Amazing ParrotTulip Amazing Parrot

Serving up plenty of bright colour despite their smaller size, our Bedding Sized Hyacinths are ideal for readers looking for something to plant en masse.

Suited to a wide range of budgets, readers can expect delivery from mid-August onwards.

2. Hyacinth Passion

Hyacinth PassionHyacinth Passion

Introduce some powerful, attention-grabbing colour in your garden with our Hyacinth Passion.

Flowering from March to April, Hyacinth are fragrant. Enjoy a beautiful mixture of purple, pink and lilac next spring.

3. Hyacinth Fragrant Sea

Hyacinth Fragrant SeaHyacinth Fragrant Sea

Add some contrasting colour with our Fragrant Sea mix. Flowering up to six weeks, this a must for readers looking for something a little different for their spring garden.

4. Hyacinth Autumn Colours Mixed

Hyacinth Autumn Colours MixedHyacinth Autumn Colours Mixed

If, like us, you love autumnal colour, consider our next option closely. Flowering between March and April, enjoy shades of orange and yellow sure to add some character to your garden.

5. Woodstock

Hyacinth WoodstockHyacinth Woodstock

Big on colour and scent, Hyacinth Woodstock is a spectacular display option. Growing tightly packed flowerheads, Woodstock is available individually or in a great-value collection.

6. Aiolos


Bright white, adding a refreshing twist to your display, Aiolos’ flower contrasts wonderfully with curved spears of green foliage. Available individually or in a great-value collection.

7. City of Haarlem


A sunny yellow option, City of Haarlem is just the thing for readers looking to liven up their garden during rather ‘dreich’ days. Available individually or in a great-value collection.

8. Pink Pearl

Darwin TulipDarwin Tulip

Perhaps the most vibrant option on today’s list, Pink Pearl is a spectacular feature in any garden.

Simply pick your spot, plant and the start the countdown until you can enjoy cheery colour just in time for spring. Available individually or in a great-value collection.

9. Delft Blue

Lily FloweredLily Flowered

Producing dark porcelain blue star-shaped flowers, Delft Blue will add some fantastic colour to the garden, growing to a height of around 25 centimetres.

Available individually or in a great-value collection.

10. Gypsy Queen

Gypsy QueenGypsy Queen

Growing apricot tangerine flowers, Gypsy Queen is our final entry in today’s list. Look forward to a fantastic combination of lovely fragrance and colour with this hardy perennial.

Available individually or in a great-value collection.