9 Overseas Gifts to Send for Christmas

Today, we turn our attention to variety of gifts you can send to loved ones overseas to far-flung corners of the world.

1. Scottish Books Pack

Scottish Books PackScottish Books Pack

Our Scottish books pack features two entries from the award-winning team behind The Scots Magazine. 

The first, an A-Z of Great Scots, charts the unsung heroes in Scotland’s history from Agnes Randolph to William Kidd, the inspiration for the acclaimed novel, Treasure Island. 

The perfect reference point for the big Christmas Day quiz, top up your knowledge on all things Scotland with a second book curating 500 Scottish facts that will blow your mind!

2. Outlander Country Pack

The Scots Magazine delves into the inspiration, filming locations and mythology behind the hit US TV show, in this unofficial guide, also accompanied by a calendar featuring some truly amazing images from across Scotland. 

Our Outlander Country Pack is a must-have for fans of the show or for those passionate about Scotland’s awe-inspiring landscapes and fascinating history.  

3. Beano Double Trouble & Christmas Special Pack

Beano Double Trouble Christmas Special PackBeano Double Trouble Christmas Special Pack

Packed with full of laughs and shenanigans, our Double Trouble & Christmas Pack includes, the Beano 2021 Annual and The Dandy 2021 Annual, the Beano Christmas Special 2020 and an excellent (and free) Dennis & Gnasher poster!  

4. The Broons and Oor Wullie Monopoly

Oor Wullie is always game for a laugh, an the Broons ken a' aboot family fun … so here's a game that's full o' laughs an' is fun for a' the family an' friends. It's jist the game tae get ye rollin' aboot as ye're rollin' the dice! 

5. Beano Ultimate Pack

Available for pre-order and set to arrive in December, is the ultimate gift for fans of the Beano! 

Containing classic images of favourite Beano characters, look forward to and plan 2021 with a fantastic calendar, perfect for jotting down all those important dates (Don’t forget the Beano’s birthday – July 30!). 

Completing this ultimate trio are a Beano Annual that sees Dennis celebrate his 70th anniversary on an adventure facing monsters Greek Myths to prove he is history’s greatest menace, and The Beano & Dandy Gift Book 2021. 

A celebration of legendary comic artist Dudley D Watkins, this book contains comics from publications including The Sunday Post, The Topper and, of course, Beano and The Dandy. 

6. Whaur's Oor Wullie Jigsaw Puzzle Pack

Whaur's Oor Wullie Jigsaw Puzzle PackWhaur's Oor Wullie Jigsaw Puzzle Pack

Jings, crivvens, help ma boab! Oor Wullie is oot an’ aboot in Edinburgh and Aberdeen. 

Just whaur is Wullie? There's mair fun tae be had once ye’ve pieced the jigsaw together. Wha else can ye find? 

7. The Broons Christmas Gift Pack

One from Scotland’s happy family for a lucky family, this timely gift contains The Broons Calendar 2021, The Broons & Oor Wullie Gift Book 2021, The Twelve Signs o’ Christmas poem and a festive tin filled with delicious butter shortbread homemade in Scotland! 

8. Luxury Overseas Hamper Australia/New Zealand

Luxury Overseas Hamper Australia/New ZealandLuxury Overseas Hamper Australia/New Zealand

Send the very best of seasonal wishes to friends and family in Australia and New Zealand with a luxurious hamper brimming with festive treats. 

The perfect, delicious festive gift to send loved ones overseas, this luxury hamper contains a number of treats presenting some of the finest flavours the UK has to offer. 

Alongside Campbell’s Shortbread Fingers, Tiptree Hot Mango Cutney and Taverner’s Wine Gums, your chosen recipient will have a wide range of delightful options to tuck into on Christmas Day. 

9. Luxury Overseas Scottish Hamper USA/Canada

Luxury Overseas Scottish Hamper USA/CanadaLuxury Overseas Scottish Hamper USA/Canada

An excellent selection to send loved ones celebrating Christmas across the pond, our Luxury Overseas Scottish Hamper arrives on their doorstep bringing a timely taste of Scotland with it. 

Something to keep hold of a little longer, a lovely tin of Baxter’s Pea and Smoked Bacon is the perfect winter warmer for those cold North American continent winters! 

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