Remember when you could get a doctor’s appointment?

The Doc Replies

You might have noticed that visiting your doctor isn’t quite like it used to be (now there’s an understatement!). But we still have many of the same ailments as we used to. We’re still suffering, even if we can’t talk to a doc.

Actually, while we’re on the subject of health, how are you? Do you feel well? Have you shaken off that cough? Are you sleeping well? Are your feet OK? How’s your heart? Are you eating properly? Is there anything worrying you?

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The complete Mother's Day gift guide

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to say "Thank You” to your Mum for always being there. We have put together this gift guide to inspire you and help you choose the best gift to show your mum some appreciation. 

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Spooky Bakes And Crafts For Kids

Spooky bakes and crafts for kids blog

Our magazines are packed with loads of fun things to make and do for Halloween. These are some of our favourite baking and craft ideas - great for Halloween parties or sleepovers! 

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1950s Recipes and Cooking Tips

1950s Recipes and Cooking Tips

With rationing on certain foods lasting until 1954, cooks in the 1950s had to be resourceful and creative. Some recipes have stood the test of time and remain family favourites, while a few of the more “creative” dishes are less popular today.

Tips and recipes were shared with and by readers of The Sunday Post, People’s Journal and The People’s Friend. Take a look at some of the best recipes and tips from the most inventive cooks that ever lived

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Top Tips For The Great British Bake Off Contestants...

gbbo tips

You can guarantee every contestant in the new series of The Great British Bake Off will utter one phrase at some point during the competition.

They’ll say they want to bake something: “just like Mum used to make”.

Well, how did Mum make it? Why were the cakes, puddings, soups meat and veg of the past so good?

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