Tulips – 9 Terrific Spring Solutions for Your Garden

Garden favourites, Tulips are relatively easy to grow, guarantee colour and often put up a fight against difficult weather conditions.

Exploring a selection catering to different tastes, we start with the beautiful Parrot variety.

1. Parrot

Tulip Amazing ParrotTulip Amazing Parrot

Starting with an exciting and exotic-looking entry, Parrot tulips are a must for readers looking for something a little different.

Big on colourful, relatively small in stature, Parrot Tulips produce feather-like petals unfurling during spring.

Enjoy a spectacular array of colour with Parrot. Varieties available include Texas Gold (Yellow), Rococo (Red) and Negrita Pattot (Purple).

2. Triumph

Triumph TulipsTriumph Tulips

Noted for their strong wind resistance, Triumph tulips enjoy a long flowering period.

A bit of a showy entry, readers will ‘triumph’ in creating a wonderful spring display with this lovely option.

Beds and borders, in a patio pot or well-placed container – Triumph is relatively easy to grow for enjoying in mid to late springtime.

3. Dwarf Greigii

Dwarf GreigiiDwarf Greigii

Only growing to a height of around 20 centimetres Dwarf Greigii is an excellent option for readers looking for a tulip with a little style about them.

Famous for their beautiful marbled leaves and pointy flower shape, Dwarf Greigii grow into a compact display.

This helpful characteristic makes them ideal for planting at the front of rockeries, in patio pots, or at the front of your garden borders.

4. Fringed Tulip

Fringed TulipFringed Tulip

Producing beautiful fringed petals, our next entry is best enjoyed from April into May.

Growing between 40 to 50 centimetres, Fringed tulips look lovely planted in different garden scenarios.

5. Burgundy

Burgundy TulipBurgundy Tulip

Create a striking garden display with Burgundy tulips.

A must-consider for your spring garden, deep shades of colours in a range of shapes add spectacular texture to borders from April into May.

6. Double Tulips

Double TulipsDouble Tulips

Often referred to as Peony-shaped tulips, our next selection grows large and beautiful flowers.

Some Double tulip varieties even a lovely scent to your garden.

At their ‘bloomin’ best towards the end of spring, readers with some spring space should place Double Tulips firmly under consideration.

7. Viridiflora


Unusual in appearance, compared to traditional tulips, planting Viridiflora in your garden will add an interesting talking point.

Producing colourful petals flushed with a green stripe matching their foliage, Viridiflora can grow up to 50 centimetres tall.

8. Darwin

Darwin TulipDarwin Tulip

Best planted around September time, Darwin is a hardy hybrid tulip and reliable spring bloomer sure to add a lovely splash of colour into your garden.

One for readers looking to add some spring vertical interest to their garden, Darwin can grow up to 60 centimetres tall.

Best planted in borders or patio containers, Darwin also makes for a lovely indoor vase display when cut.

9. Lily Flowered

Lily FloweredLily Flowered

One for the bold gardeners amongst you keen on creating stunning displays, Lily Flowering tulips are next on today’s list.

Full hardy flowering in the closing chapters of spring, Lily-flowered offer a hard-to-resist combination of unique shape and vibrant colour.