Beano Double Trouble & Christmas Special Pack

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This Double Trouble & Christmas Special Pack includes both the Beano 2021 Annual and The Dandy 2021 Annual as well as the Beano Christmas Special 2020 and a fabulous FREE Dennis & Gnasher poster!

Beano Annual 2021
Celebrating his 70th anniversary in 2021, Dennis faces monsters from Greek myths in order to prove he's history's greatest menace! He's joined by legends such as Minnie the Minx, The Bash Street Kids … and many more!

Dandy Annual 2021
Everyone's favourite Desperate Dan puts his love of cow pies to one side for the good of the planet and tries a vegetarian diet - with dramatic results! Plus Beryl the Peril, Corporal Clott and the gang are unleashed in all-new and original comic strips!

The Beano Christmas Special 2020 is here! It’s packed with 68 pages of festive treats: comic strips, jokes, pranks, puzzles and fun things to do, enough to keep the most demanding menaces and minxes busy right into the New Year!

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