Lifted Over The Turnstiles & It’s a Team Game Pack - In The Black & White Era


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The perfect ultimate pack for all Scottish football fans!

Lifted Over The Turnstiles is the best memories book a football fan could hope for. And it is the best book about old Scottish football grounds ever published. Admittedly, it is also the only one. There are almost 200 photos of 42 football stadiums here that have lain unseen, in archives and rarely accessed collections, for decades.

It’s A Team Game is a brand new book and it is all about Scottish Football Club line-ups. Every great, and not-so-great, footballer played in a team. This book celebrates the stars, the games, the quirks, and the unsung heroes, in the context of their team. It is stuffed full of line-ups from the black and white era, when Scottish football was harder, muddier, and better. The teams you remember, the teams you watched, the teams you tell stories of — they’re in here.

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