Animal Planet Free Issue


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Want to read Animal Planet cover to cover before taking out a subscription? No problem, you can order a single FREE issue to try out before you subscribe.

There’s so much to explore, uncover and learn about within Animal Planet. Each issue is teeming with the most astounding facts, awe-inspiring natural wonders and stunning photographs.

Order your free copy today to see what you can expect to enjoy with a subscription to Animal Planet magazine!

One free issue per address. UK delivery only.



SCIENCE AND NATURE: Make sense of the world around us.
CONSERVATION: Learn how we can make a difference in protecting our environment.
THE ANIMAL KINGDOM: We reveal all about how animals live, and take readers up closer than any other magazine.
VETS & PETS: Tips on how to look after your own animals, as well as talking about rescue, adoption, and training.
WILDLIFE WARRIORS: Learn about the people making a difference to the lives of animals and wildlife all around the world.
OUR WORLD: The world's weirdest and coolest stuff explained.

Every issue, kids can discover a world of big ideas — from the depths of the Amazonian rainforest to the deepest of oceans, and from the tiniest wonders under the microscope, to the biggest in our solar system and beyond.  

Filled with fascinating and funny facts from around the globe, every issue is complete with puzzles, comic strips, experiments and more, as well as the chance to ask real wildlife experts questions! 



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