A Celebration Of The Traditional Counties of England

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From Northumberland, Yorkshire and Cumberland, through Staffordshire, Leicestershire and Shropshire, to Devon, Cornwall, Sussex and Kent, England’s 40 traditional counties are a colourful patchwork, a tapestry created over hundreds of years by geography, history and the men and women who have lived and worked within their boundaries. Each one is different from its neighbour, with its own story to tell, its own landscape, its own customs and traditions, its own cities, towns and villages and its own distinctive character and flavour.

This new 100-page magazine is a celebration of England’s historic counties, with a feature devoted to each one, and illustrated throughout with stunning colour photographs. Descriptions of the main characteristics of the county are accompanied by details of the major towns and cities, historic sites, local customs and curiosities, regional food and drink, and a calendar of events. There are also panels highlighting some of the famous people who hail from each county and a series of “county quotations” from writers and poets.


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