Oor Wullie Bucket List & 100 Greatest Moments

Oor Wullie Bucket List What’s a laddie – or a lassie – to do during the long, hot (ok – slightly warmish) days of a Scottish summer? Oor Wullie’s made a list of things to fill his days during the seven glorious weeks of freedom from dreaded school work. Using classic illustrations, Wullie takes you through his bucket list of things to do before It’s time to head back to sums, spelling and soggy school dinners. There’s something here to amuse and entertain everyone, and to give you a laugh along the way. Oor Wullie 100 Greatest Moments For as long as we can remember, Oor Wullie has captivated the nation with his exploits and left us wondering what he'll do next. Most of what he does has us laughing out loud, and this brand new collection is no exception. Join Oor Wullie on a romp through the years as he reveals for the very first time his own personal hundred greatest moments from a very mischievous life!
Oor Wullie Bucket List Paperback 128pp. Oor Wullie 100 Greatest Moments Hardback 140x115mm 128pp. Product Code: OWPK1
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