Little Stories From The Police Courts


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The Glasgow Courts of the 1950s and 60s were full of colourful characters, strange stories and, it would seem, lots of laughs. These tales used to appear in The Weekly News, penned by Sandy Mitchell, author of the Parliamo Glasgow scripts for the incomparable Stanley Baxter. It was a hugely popular item in the paper. Sandy’s superb gift for comedy writing embellished and gave added drama to genuine court cases — although names were always changed. Steve Finan has added translations from the original Glaswegian, and brings some context to the tales. The often violent antics of Rita The Critic, and her ilk, might seem outrageous to a modern eye. But this is what tenement life was like. This is a comical book, but also a social history of a type of person, a unique city, and a very different era.


168-page paperback book.


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