Nostalgic Book Collection


This is the perfect gift for mums, grans and aunties everywhere. The Nostalgic Book Collection features the following four classics:

Pass It On - Household Tips From The 1950s
This book is a piece of social history, an amazing record of life experiences that will reconnect you with days gone by. With over 1,250 incredible tips, "Pass It On" is full of homely nostalgia and wisdom.

A Classic Christmas
A wonderful collection of handy tips on how Christmas was prepared for and celebrated in the 1950s. It features articles from how to make your own festive decorations, clothing and gifts, to how to prepare a traditional Christmas dinner and delicious Christmas treats.

The Doc Replies
Hilarious medical wisdoms put to The Doc in The Sunday Post in the 1950s. It contains good, bad and questionable advice with comments from a modern day doctor.

Pass It On - Cooking Tips From The 1950s
A collection of the wisdom of the best cooks who ever lived - your own mother, grandmother, and their generation. It also includes the originals of all those sticky taped-together scraps of paper and pamphlets that hold "that" pancake or scone recipe that your family has been following for decades.

Product Code: NTBC

Pack contains:

Pass It On - Household Tips From The 1950s - 238 pages, paperback book.

A Classic Christmas - 240 pages, paperback book.

The Doc Replies - 304 pages, paperback book.

Pass It On - Cooking Tips From The 1950s - 240 pages, paperback book.


Product Code: NTBC

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