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Have you ever wanted to know how to get furniture dents out of a carpet? Or beetroot stains out of a table cloth? How do you dust behind an immovable wardrobe? How do you keep midges away? How do keep veg fresh if you haven’t got a fridge? How do you keep your silverware from tarnishing? Or your teapot fresh if it isn’t in daily use? There are more than 1250 incredible tips here. Pass it On Household Tips From The 1950s is full of everlasting wisdom and homely nostalgia. 

Pass It On Cooking Tips From The 1950s is a collection of the wisdom of the best cooks who ever lived — your own mother, grandmother, and their generation. It also includes the originals of all those sticky taped-together scraps of paper and pamphlets that hold “that” pancake or scones recipe that your family has been following for decades. The tips are collected from newspapers and magazines of the 1950s, when housewives used to write in with their ingenious, clever and tasty hints and tips.

NEW There's a Pass It On podcast as well! Join Connie (21), Chris (39) and author Steve (“in the prime of life” is all we can get out of him) to discover what these tips can tell us about the lives of our parents and grandparents – and what the conversation can reveal about our world today! Search for ‘Pass It On tips’ on iTunesSpotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Pack contains:

Pass it On Household Tips From The 1950s
Paperback book with 238 pages.

Pass It On Cooking Tips From The 1950s
Paperback book with 240 pages.

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