Scottish Book Collection


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This fabulous pack contains:

500 Scottish Facts - Scotland’s top trivia to amuse and astonish! Did you know that people from Glasgow were originally called Glasgowensians? Or that Walt Disney based the character of the Queen in Snow White on Lady Macbeth? Discover 500 of the quirkiest and most fascinating facts about Scotland’s history, culture and people with this fantastic collection of fun facts that will blow your mind.

A to Z of Great Scots - the award-winning team behind The Scots Magazine brings you an A – Z of some of the great unsung Scottish heroes from throughout history. From Agnes Randolph, who single-handedly defended a castle against an army of 20,000 in the 14th century to William Kidd the privateer and inspiration behind Treasure Island.

Legendary Scotland - Did you know about Loch Ness Monster's cousin Morag, that is said to live in Loch Morar? Or that Beira, Queen of Winter, uses the Corryvreckan whirlpool to wash her clothes? Discover the legends that lie hidden in the glens of Scotland with this book of fascinating myths and legends.


Pack contains:

500 Scottish Facts - Paperback 144 pages.

A-Z Great Scots - Paperback - 116 pages.

Legendary Scotland - Paperback 116 pages.

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