The People's Friend - 150th Special Souvenir Edition - 12th January

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On January 13 2019, our beloved “Friend” celebrates its 150th anniversary. It’s been in continuous publication since its launch in 1869, making it the longest-running women’s weekly magazine in the world.
To celebrate this amazing milestone, we’ve put together a wonderful souvenir issue for you. It’s packed full of stories and features that capture the warmth, friendship and positivity that have been at the heart of the magazine’s success since the very beginning.
On the cover, you will find a beautiful depiction by J. Campbell Kerr of the home of the "Friend" situated in the heart of Dundee, where we are still located to this day. You can read about the city that surrounds us in Willie Shand’s fascinating article on page 8, and immerse yourself in its vibrant history with Anne Stenhouse’s compelling new serial on page 28.
There are too many highlights to mention here! I hope you enjoy reading it, and thank you for being part of our amazing story.

On-sale date: 9th January 2019

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