Cancel a DC Thomson magazine or newspaper subscription

We’re really sorry to hear you are thinking about ending your magazine or newspaper subscription, but we’re here to help.

To cancel your subscription please call our Customer Experience Team on one of these numbers:

From the UK: 0800 904 7260
From outside the UK: +44 (0) 1382 575322

Our UK contact number is a freephone number.

Our contact centre is open 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday (UK times).

Our team will be able to process your cancellation, take on board any feedback and confirm the last issue you will receive. Give us a call now and we’ll be happy to help.

Alternatives to cancelling a subscription

Our team can also talk to you about your subscription and help you find a solution to any problems you may have.

It is often possible to pause a subscription for a period if that would make life easier.

If you bought your subscription as a gift for a child who is now a little older, you can easily swap the subscription to a younger family member or select an alternative title.

More information about cancelling a subscription

Whether you made your original purchase directly from the DC Thomson Shop or bought a subscription from another site, get in touch with us to speak to someone about cancelling your subscription.

It doesn’t matter how you have been paying for your subscription. Whether you pay by Direct Debit or by credit or debit card our Customer Experience Team will be able to help.

Terms and conditions relating to subscriptions, and the cancellation of DC Thomson subscriptions, can be found on our dedicated terms and conditions page.

We recommend telephoning us to cancel your subscription so that we can take action and confirm your cancellation there and then.

Many customers can manage their accounts online (see Manage My Account), and there are also options to contact the Customer Experience Team via email or contact form.

When contacting us in writing to cancel your subscription please you may use the format below – this will ensure all relevant information is included:

To: Customer Experience, DC Thomson Shop

I hereby give notice that I cancel my subscription contract for the following publication / product:

Ordered on:

Subscription number:

Payee full name:

Payee email address:

Payee telephone number:

Payee address:


Reason for cancelling (optional):

Please include the payee signature if submitting this form on paper.

Whatever the reason your subscription may be coming to an end, we understand. Get in touch today and let us help get things sorted.

Need more help?

If you have a different question about your comic subscription, check our FAQs. The chances are we’ve covered your query there, and our customer care team is only a phone call away if not.