Pass It On Cooking Tips From The 1950s


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Pass It On: Cooking Tips From The 1950s is a collection of the wisdom of the best cooks who ever lived — your own mother, grandmother, and their generation. It also includes the originals of all those sticky taped-together scraps of paper and pamphlets that hold “that” pancake or scones recipe that your family has been following for decades. The tips are collected from newspapers and magazines of the 1950s, when housewives used to write in with their ingenious, clever and tasty hints and tips.

How do guarantee a cake won’t stick in a baking tin? What’s the secret of the best gravy you’ll ever taste? What’s the recipe for that cure-for-all-ills chicken soup grandma used to make? There are hundreds of tips in the book with names of contributors and dates when they were published in the 1950s. Your mum knew how to make the best jam, she’d have had a few recipes for making tablet, she made your favourite dish in a way that you can never quite properly recreate. Those dishes were cooked up with love, a lot of skill and in times of rationing and austerity that meant the maker of good food had to be a conjuror of miracles.

Illustrated by classic adverts for food of the 1950s, with illustrations from the original versions of the cookery and recipe pamphlets given away with magazines, baking powder and flour manufacturers.

NEW There's a Pass It On podcast as well! Join Connie (21), Chris (39) and author Steve (“in the prime of life” is all we can get out of him) to discover what these tips can tell us about the lives of our parents and grandparents – and what the conversation can reveal about our world today! Search for ‘Pass It On tips’ on iTunesSpotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Paperback book with 240 pages.

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