Rechargeable Hair No More


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Remove unwanted hair safely, simply & speedily with Hair No More. Embarrassing hair need no longer be an embarrassment - thanks to the Hair No More. Forget razors and harsh chemicals - Hair No More's gentle rotating action works like fine tweezers but - it is estimated - 50 times faster. And because it delicately plucks every hair (even the finest and shortest) from the root, it helps prevent regrowth for weeks. What's more, unlike a razor, Hair No More won't nick your skin or leave unsightly stubble or coarse hairs. Featuring an integral LED light to illuminate the tiniest hairs, it's ideal for use on the chin, upper lip, cheeks, legs, bikini line and under arms.

Carry pouch and cleaning brush included.

Product code: 1008

This product is only available for delivery within the UK.