Portable Pedal Exerciser


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Lose weight while watching TV.                      Using a Pedal Exerciser is an ideal way to help keep active, restore muscle strength, co-ordination and improve circulation to the lower and upper body. Easily tone muscles and burn off calories at home, in privacy and comfort. While sitting in your chair this portable pedal exerciser can be used as a bike to exercise calves, hips and thighs, or on a table, hand-cranking the pedals to target forearms, upper arms and shoulders. And adjusting the resistance helps you to get stronger and fitter. Featuring a clear LCD screen with time, number of revolutions and calories burned. The armchair pedal exerciser is lightweight and foldable, it’s portable to use anywhere.

Lightweight steel frame with a chrome finish and non-slip rubber grips. Folds away for easy storage. Dimensions: L47 x H37 x W25cm

Product code: 5952.

This product is only available for delivery within the UK.