Animal Planet Free Issue


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Want to read Animal Planet cover to cover before taking out a subscription for your school? No problem, you can order a single FREE issue to try out with your pupils before you subscribe.

There’s so much to explore, uncover and learn about within Animal Planet. Each issue is teeming with the most astounding facts, awe-inspiring natural wonders and stunning photographs.

Order your free copy today to see what you and your pupils can expect to enjoy with a school subscription.

One free issue per address. UK schools only.

Animal Planet Magazine is a brand-new monthly magazine that is designed to inspire and nurture children’s curiosity about the natural world.

Every issue, your pupils will discover a world of big ideas — from the depths of the Amazonian rainforest to the deepest of oceans, and from the tiniest wonders under the microscope, to the biggest in our solar system and beyond.

Packed with fascinating articles, fact-files and extraordinary photography your pupils will learn all about the incredible biodiversity of our planet, the amazing work that humans do to protect it, and how they can get involved.

LEARN: Add breadth and depth to your pupils’ knowledge of the natural world with articles packed with fascinating facts and incredible information every month.

CREATE: Fun hands-on activities and experiments that demonstrate simple scientific concepts are included in every issue.

CONNECT: Inspire your pupils to get involved in global issues affecting the biodiversity on Earth such as plastic pollution and deforestation.

ENGAGE: Encourage reading for pleasure in school with a magazine that is designed to engage all children - even your most reluctant readers.


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