Dixon Hawke Book Pack


Buy the Dixon Hawke Book Pack to get both books for £20! Each book contains 27 short stories to enjoy. He’s back! Dixon Hawke, “the world’s finest detective”, is once more in print. Beginning in the early years of the 20th Century, it is thought he appeared in more than 5,500 short stories, making him probably the most published character in English fiction. Alongside Dick Barton, Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple and G.K Chesterton’s Father Brown, Dixon Hawke was one of the classic British characters from the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. He appeared in newspapers, comics, magazines, and anthologies, entertaining thousands with his deductive powers and courage in tackling London’s seedy underworld. Now available for the first time in almost two decades, follow Dixon and his assistant Tommy Burke in these two collections of 27 individual stories from the 1940s.

Pack contains The Case of the Missing American and The Case of the Smuggled Diamonds. Each book is 244pp in paperback containing 27 stories. Product Code: DHAWP

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