British Stars of the 1950s Series 4 - 5 CDs

Following the popularity of our British Stars of the 1950s CD offers, we've put together a brand new collection of 5 CDs, from some of the biggest names of the decade.  Each CD in our collection features over an hour of the most famous songs of each artist, digitally remastered for the best quality sound.  These are beautiful voices singing songs where you can hear all of the words. 
Each CD in Series 4 has 20 tracks and the artists are:
1.  Winifred Atwell - the ragtime pianist who had 15 Top Twenty hits including the theme used for the "Pot Black" snooker programme on TV.
2.  Max Bygraves - remembered for hits such as "You Need Hands" and "Tulips from Amsterdam", he appeared regularly in radio shows and subsequently had his own prime time TV variety show.
3. Frankie Vaughan - who had 16 Top 20 hits including "Green Door", "Garden of Eden", "Tower Of Strength" and of course, "Give Me The Moonlight".
4.  Petula Clark - who was the golden girl of British cinema in the 50s, but also had a series of hits.
5.  Matt Monro - a collection of wonderful ballads, including "Portrait Of My Love" and "Softly As I Leave You", sung in his distinctive smooth style.

British Stars of the 1950s Series 4 - 5CDs.

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