The Legends of King Arthur Stamp Set


Celebrate Arthurian legend with the full set of ten new King Arthur stamps spread across two atmospheric first day cover designs.

One design features the Excalibur sword in the stone, a gift from the Lady of the Lake, and a strip of five 1st Class stamps on first day cover, postmarked at Glastonbury on the day of stamp issue 16.03.2021.

The second design features the King Arthur Statue at Tintagel, Cornwall with the second strip of five stamps. Each stamp is £1.70 value, included designs are the Knights of the Round table and Sir Galahad’s quest for the Holy Grail. Tintagel postmark ­finishes of this collectable wonderfully 16.03.21.

Did you know?

Tintagel Castle came to prominence as a fortress for medieval Cornish chieftains, its attachment to Arthurian legend forged by the historian and chronicler, Geoffrey of Monmouth, who was the first to suggest that this towering stronghold was the birthplace of King Arthur.

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