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The Evening Telegraph has been delivering the news and fighting for its readers since 1877. 

Telling stories from in and around Dundee that matter

Known to Dundonians as the 'Tele' the Evening Telegraph newspaper has been around for over 140 years.


Providing local news to its readers as well as unrivalled football coverage, from the latest news at Tannadice and Dens to kids’ Sunday kick-abouts. Meanwhile, “The Sporting Post” runs as a special grass-roots sports supplement every Tuesday.


Every Monday local campaigner Ewan Gurr ponders poverty, people and politics in a full page column, while on a Wednesday TV presenter and author Martel Maxwell gives her opinions on a range of subjects from the latest celebrity gossip to the everyday issues affecting Dundee families. And if you are looking for help in planning a night out then look no further than our gig guide and eating out reviews.


The Saturday edition, the Weekend Telegraph, includes a bumper 32 page entertainment and listings magazines, featuring a full 7-day TV guide.


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