120 Dwarf Rockery Narcissi Collection

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Half Price Collection - 120 bulbs for only £19.95!

Brighten up your garden this spring with this cheerful collection of Dwarf Rockery Narcissi that will bring a boost of colour to your border, rockeries and patio pots. Our collection include 20 each of the below six varieties:

Narcissi Canaliculatus

Produces clusters of white flowers with delicate yellow cups. Height 10-15cm. 

Narcissi Martinette

Produces fragrant yellow flowers with orange trumpets. Height 30cm.

Narcissi Pueblo

Produces snow-white flowers which have a rich, creamy white cap. Height 20-30cm. 

Narcissi Sundisc

Produces single, circular white flowers with a golden yellow perianth that slowly fades to cream as the flowers mature. Height 20cm.

Narcissi Tete-a-Tete

The most popular dwarf daffodil that produces neat buttercup golden trumpets that are slightly fluted at the mouth. Height 20cm.

Narcissi Minnow

Produces two to four dainty little soft yellow flowers per stem with a bright yellow cup. Height 20cm.

Height 15-30cm. Flowers March to April. Top quality bulbs supplied. 

Delivery mid August/September.

Product code: PD556

Delivery Time Delivery mid August/September

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