We offer solutions catering to a wide range of different tastes, helping you achieve the fantastic garden you desire and deserve! Explore different areas below including our great-value Plant Collections where you can save up to 50%.

Visit our Flower Bulbs and Tubers area where you will find a selection of firm favourites and more. Longer-term and easy to maintain, our Perennials bloom year after year, forming the crucial backbone to any garden.

Offering solutions for every season, Shrubs are another excellent, often low-maintenance option. Travelling to our Plant Collections area, browse and take advantage of fantastic savings. With our Garden Accessories and Tools, find practical solutions to common gardening problems. We also offer some personalised garden gift ideas.

In the Fruit and Vegetable Plants section, explore a selection offering a little independence and the chance to grow your own. Searching for Bedding and Basket plants? We have a wide range currently available including some lovely trailing plants. DC Thomson Shop is also delighted to offer an intriguing mix of Unusual Plants sure to add a talking point to your garden.

Maximize your garden’s potential and create the perfect outdoor space with our Garden Furniture range. We a have variety of different styles and sets suited for gardens of all shapes and sizes.

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  1. Salvia Sensation Collection
    Salvia Sensation Collection
  2. Calendula Collection
    Calendula Collection
  3. Hardy Osteospermum Collection
    Hardy Osteospermum Collection
  4. Heliotropium Nautilus Collection
    Heliotropium Nautilus Collection
  5. Diascia Diamond Collection
    Diascia Diamond Collection
  6. Geranium Johnson's Blue
    Geranium Johnson's Blue
  7. Geranium Breeders Mix
    Geranium Breeders Mix
  8. Dahlia Bishop Of Llandaff
    Dahlia Bishop Of Llandaff
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