Fashion Reader Glasses (Set of 4)


Because you read in more than one place... you need more than one pair of glasses!
How many times have you settled down to read the paper in the living room only to find you’ve left your reading glasses in the bedroom? Not a major problem, but still one you could do without.

The solution – a set of 4 Fashion Reader Glasses, so you can keep them where you need them. How about keeping a pair in the kitchen for recipe books and another by the computer?

Designed in four colourways and available in 8 strengths (+1.5 to +6.0) they’re made from optical acrylic and PVC for precision and comfort. You'll wonder how you managed without them!

Made from optical acrylic and PVC

Glasses come in sets of four pairs.

Product Codes: 2110 - 2111 - 2112 - 2113 - 2114 - 2115 - 2116 - 2117