Broons Tartan Scarf 

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This scarf is the “very dab” to protect you from those chilly winter winds. After collaborating with tartan experts to trace their ancestry, a tartan has been created which incorporates the rich heritage of The Broons family. The Broons forebears, Le Bruns, arrived in Britain with the Norman Conquest. This family overthrew their liege lord and moved to Scotland in an act known as Le Brun Coup. They settled in the land of the MacGregors who called them Broons. Led by the famous Red MacGregor they became expert dealers in pre-owned cattle. This tartan takes the brown from their famous name, the green from the wild clan country, the red and gold from the shield of the Duchy of Normandy, their distant Gallic cousins. The black line signifies their illustrated exploits that have appeared in The Sunday Post for over 75 years.
These 100% Lambswool scarves are brushed to a luxurious raised finish and are sized at a generous 150 x 28cm with purled fringes Product Code: SABST