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Green Expanding Hercul-Easy Hose + FREE Hose Holder


Attach the Hercul-Easy Hose to a tap and turn the water on. Then watch as your hose “grows”, increasing in length by up to three times. Turn off the water and it will automatically contract back in seconds. Lightweight to carry, compact to store and easy to handle, it won’t tangle, twist or kink, with no risk of blowback at the tap. Manufactured with advanced construction and high-quality materials means this hose will lasts up to 10 times longer, it’s virtually puncture-proof, tear-resistant, practically burst-proof and it works with low water pressure, expanding at just 1.5 bar where others need 3 bar. Constructed for maximum strength and durability with all-weather webbing that won’t crack in freezing weather, and connectors engineered from aluminium and coated with brass for years of hard wear.  

Available in 25ft, 50ft, 75ft & 100 ft.
Supplied with a FREE hose holder.

Product code: 7860/7861/7862/7863

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