60 Tulip Single Early Royal Collection


Buy our Royal Tulip Collection for only £22.47, half price. (RRP £44.94).

This luxurious collection includes six different varieties of single early-flowring Tulips. This ultimate royal collection will add charm and character to your spring borders and patio pots. Top-quality bulbs supplied. You will receive 10 each of Pink Prince, Purple Prince, Sunny Prince (yellow), Candy Prince (lilac), Ruby Prince (red) and White Prince. Height 40-50cm.



Height 40-50cm
Flowers April - May.
Delivery within 28 days.
Product code: 

PD970 - 60 Tulip Single Early Royal Collection

PD964 - 10 Tulip Pink Prince

PD965 - 10 Tulip Purple Prince

PD966 - 10 Tulip Sunny Prince

PD967 - 10 Tulip Candy Prince

PD968 - 10 Tulip Ruby Prince

PD969 - 10 Tulip White Prince

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