Automatic Watering Spikes (Set of 8)


Who’s looking after your tender plants when you’re away? Look no further than these Automatic Watering Spikes. The way they work is ingeniously easy. Simply attach one of the spikes (there are 8 in a pack) to an old soft drinks bottle. Fill the bottle with water and push the spike into the soil. The slow-drip design delivers water deep into the soil, so your plants stay nourished while you save time watering. This is much more efficient than watering over either the leaves (which can scorch in the hot sun) or the soil surface, where some of the water will evaporate. A quick glance at the bottles tells you when to refill, and you can add fertiliser/plant food to the water for even better results.

Fits most bottles.

Size: L15xDia3cm.

Product Code: 5475

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