iBeani Power Fob Mobile Charger for iPhone Devices


Power Fob from iBeani is the mobile battery booster that's with you at all times - so you stay connected when you need it most! Simply connect this portable smartphone battery on your keyring with the quick connect clip included, for peace of mind. When you need a boost of power, the retractable charging port plugs directly into your iPhone and provides two-plus hours of charge.

Forget about carrying those heavy portable charger power banks around; this lightweight, compact battery cell offers fast, wire-free charging on the go!

Compatible with iPhone devices

Provides 2+ hours of charge
Holds charge for 3 months (when not is use)
Rechargeable & reuseable
Plugs directly into your phone
Fits on your keyring
Included in the box: iBeani Power Fob • Quick Connect Clip • Charging Cable

Product Code: BNFPC