Light Concrete Raised Narrow Trough Planter

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Enhance your garden with these elegant and stylish pots. There are many sizes to choose from, just choose the size that will best fit your space and style. The stylish design of the flowerpots helps draw attention to the natural beauty of the plants themselves, making them a statement item. The pots are made of innovative and durable fiber-stone and fiber-clay material, which give them increased resistance to climatic conditions without the weight of a standard concrete pot - making them easy to move around. They can be left outdoors year-round and are UV and frost resistant.

Durability: The concrete plant pot has high durability. Made of quality recycled material, it guards against extreme weather conditions and normal wear and tear.

Lightweight Construction: The lightweight fiberstone material of the trough planter allows easy repositioning of the pot whenever required.

Quality Material: Container is made from frost-resistant reinforced stone. Produced using recycled materials.

You Should Know: Slight surface imperfections are not a sign of inferior quality but underline the artisan-like creative process.

Product Specifications:
H72 L60.5 W22.5cm - RTDGW605 
H92.5 L80.5 W30.5cm - RTDGW805 

Light Grey Narrow Trough Planter
H72 L60.5 W22.5cm - RTLG605 
H92.5 L80.5 W30.5cm - RTLG805 

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