Light Concrete Tall Tapered Planter

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Create a gorgeous verdant corner outside the house or on the terrace with this tall and tapered planter . Crafted by skilled artisans, the pot comes accented with neat lines, clean finish, and smooth surface. A great addition to the garden, patio, balcony or veranda. The plant pot blends well with both, modern and traditional exterior decor. The pots are made of innovative and durable fiber-stone and fiber-clay material, which give them increased resistance to climatic conditions without the weight of a standard concrete pot - making them easy to move around. They can be left outdoors year-round and are UV and frost resistant.

Durability: The concrete plant pot has high durability. Made of quality recycled material, it guards against extreme weather conditions and normal wear and tear.

Lightweight Construction: The lightweight fiberstone material of the trough planter allows easy repositioning of the pot whenever required.

Quality Material: Container is made from frost-resistant reinforced stone. Produced using recycled materials.

You Should Know: Slight surface imperfections are not a sign of inferior quality but underline the artisan-like creative process.

Product Specifications:
Dark Grey Tall Tapered Planter
H50.5 L24.5 W24.5cm - TAPDGW24 / TT24
H65 L32 W32cm - TAPDGW32 / TT32
H89 L43 W43cm - TAPDGW43 / TT43

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