Little Baby Bum Activity Magazine

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Little Baby Bum’s adorable nursery rhyme videos and billions of views make it the world’s largest educational channel on YouTube. Join the fun with the Little Baby Bum Activity Magazine, packed full of games, colouring, songs, puzzles and over 400 stickers! Testimonials: 'We got this to occupy Oakley (and) he loved it! And the stickers were a new experience' Oakley and Fee 'Nathan has always loved watching the Little Baby Bum nursery rhymes and songs on YouTube! And now they have a magazine! We had such fun working through the activities and he's now walking through the house still singing the songs' My Little Adventurers To find out more about our Little Baby Bum Activity Magazine click here to look at our video ( We ship worldwide!
52pp Contains 400 stickers. The price includes £1 for postage & packing. Product Code: LBBUM

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