Copper Quick Cooker


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Single meals and cooked snacks are exactly what the Copper Quick Cooker is designed for. Below the hinged top are two deep-sided containers heated by mains-powered electric elements. Double-sided, the food is cooked evenly from both the top and bottom, so it's remarkably quick and economical.

Ideal for chicken breasts, fish, cutlets, pasta, omelettes, pizza, toasted sandwiches, pancakes and more, the copper-infused non-stick ceramic containers need little or no oil/fat and wipe clean quickly and effortlessly. Dont be worried about crowding your work surfaces either - the Copper Quick Cooker is super-compact and can be stored flat or upright to save space.

Supplied ready to cook with a spatula.

Measures: open L34 xW13 xH35cm, closed H34 xD10cm.

Product Code: 2642

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