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It was hard to believe that "Puma" Squadron and "Cobra" Squadron were on the same side. From 'way back in the dog-fighting days of the First World War, they had been rivals, trying to beat each other to the kill. Even in peacetime, they carried their rivalry to amazing lengths. Then the unbelievable happened. During the hard-fought years of the Second World War, a senior officer insisted that the Cobras and Pumas merge into one squadron. It was a recipe for conflict almost as bitter as the war itself!

This fantastic image is available on photographic print 10"x15"

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Flying Rivals Print Specification:
Cover artwork by: Ibanez
High Quality Lustre Photographic Paper: 10"x 15"
Full colour
Issue No: 4349

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      This fantastic image is available on photographic print 10""x15

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