Commando: Russian Revenge Print

In 1940, medical student Vlad Rezky had only just managed to escape from German-occupied Vienna to America. The rest of his family weren't so lucky, hunted down because of their Jeweish ancestry. One day Vlad hoped to avenge their deaths on their killer, a ruthless Nazi officer. Four years later Vlad, an interpreter for the US Army, was part of a delegation aboard a Soviety Lusunov Li2 transport, bound for the front line. Revenge weas still on his mind but the cannon shells of a maruading Focke-Wulf FW190 looked likely to end his war, and his life, long before he set foot on the ground once more.

This fantastic image is available on photographic print 10"x15"

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Russian Revenge Print Specification:
Cover artwork by: Ian Kennedy
High Quality Lustre Photographic Paper: 10"x 15"
Full colour
Issue No: 4340

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      This fantastic image is available on photographic print 10""x15

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