Commando: The Fighting Bucket Print

August, 1945 - Japan was being forced to surrender and after six long years, the Second World War was over. For many thousands it had been a bitter, hard fight on land, on sea and in the air.Ask somebody like Sub-Lieutenant Len Johnson, for instance, who had first seen action aboard a fast, sleek motor launch, part of the naval force harassing the enemy along the Arakan coast of Burma.He hoped some day to have a command of his own but never thought it would be a slow, wallowing landing craft which handled like a bucket in a whirlpool. But that's how it turned out...

This fantastic image is available on photographic print 10"x15"

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The Fighting Bucket Print Specification:
Cover artwork by: Ian Kennedy
High Quality Lustre Photographic Paper: 10"x 15"
Full colour
Issue No: 4320

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      This fantastic image is available on photographic print 10""x15

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