90 Polyanthus/Pansy collection

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Bring vibrant colour into your garden beds and patio containers with these bedding plant favourites. For the ultimate rainbow display that will brighten up any winter garden, these stunning flowers reach a mature height of 20cm. The collection includes 30 of each variety (Polyanthus Crescendo Mixed and Winter/Spring Pansies Mixed). Uk-grown Garden Ready plug plants supplied.


But 30 of each variety for £16.99, or order the collection for £33.98 (receiving 30 of each variety) and receive 30 winter/spring Pansies free.

Create a rainbow of colour within your garden bedding.

Height 20cm.

Uk-grown Garden Ready plug plants supplied.

Product codes: PD641 (collection)

30 Polyanthus Crescendo (PD637)

30 Polyanthus Crescendo (PD638)

30 Winter/Spring Pansies Mixed (PD639)

30 Winter/Spring Pansies Mixed (PD640)

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