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Remember the days when you could get an appointment with your doctor? Remember when the doctor told you what you had to do, rather than present options on what you might want to do? Remember when medical advice was a bit more “robust” than it is now?

This book is a collection of advice and questions-and-answers put to The Doc in The Sunday Post in the 1950s. There is great wisdom here, there is a lot of common sense, and there is a few rather questionable notions that firmly belong in the past. There are also hilarious letters that a family newspaper couldn’t print in the 1950s. We’ve also had a modern doctor run her eye over some of the advice from 60 years ago, bringing it up to date and dispelling a few old wives’ tales.

There aren’t many medical advice books like this. In fact there aren’t ANY other medical books like this!

Paperback book with 304 pages.

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