Far from the Madding Crowd Jigsaw Puzzle


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Far from the Madding Crowd features a group of happy campers enjoying a holiday by the seaside and is a fabulous jigsaw puzzle to complete.

It looks like everyone has had the same idea of packing the car up and heading to the coast, as this camping field is full to the brim! The sea is calm, with a yacht sailing past and an old pirate-style ship slowing making its way out to sea. In the camping field, friends and families are eating, drinking and having a merry old time.

One lady has dropped her tray of cupcakes after tripping over a guy rope, much to the dog's delight, while others practise handstands and enjoy being in the great outdoors. This colourful and beautifully painted design will fill you with warm memories of happy camping trips on the coast!

Dimensions: 66 x 50cm

Number of Pieces: 1000

Product Code:13012