Winter Flowering Heathers

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Heathers originate from the Highlands in Scotland and are classified as low growing evergreen shrubs. Masses of tiny flowers bloom in a range of vivid colours, from white to rose to deep purple. Plant several varieties on-mass to create a stunning and unique landscape that can be enjoyed on the patio, rockeries or the fronts of garden borders. Flowering from December through to February. Each pack of five contains one of each variety and will receive three of each in the pack of 15: White Perfection (white), Kramers Rote (red ), J Porter (pink), Darley Dale (lilac) and Golden Starlet (white flowers and yellow foliage).

Buy 5 Winter Heathers for £10.99, or order 10 for £21.98 and get 5 free.

5cm plug plants supplied.

Delivery within 28 days.

Product Codes:

5 pack: PD708

15 pack: PD709

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