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Loved around the world, “The People’s Friend” has been trusted by readers for over 150 years.

The “Friend” first arrived on shelves on January 13, 1869 making it the world’s longest-running women’s weekly magazine. It’s evolved through the years to reflect changing times, but the family values at the heart of the “Friend” have remained throughout.

“The People’s Friend” publishes more fiction than any other women’s magazine and has championed new writers since day one. Each issue features terrific serials and carefully chosen short stories. Accompanied by the unique artwork of J. Campbell Kerr, “The People’s Friend” is instantly recognisable across the world.


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Carefully chosen by the “Friend” Fiction team experts, each issue includes seven short stories and two serials, plus a regular soap. That’s one story for every day of the week! Satisfying the appetite of any fan of beautiful storytelling.

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You can enjoy easy-to-follow recipes, crafts and the very best expert health, gardening and travel advice inside every issue. The “Friend” Features team know exactly what readers want to know.

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“The People’s Friend” is the world’s longest running weekly women’s magazine and number one for quality fiction every week. You won’t find as much fiction in any other magazine!

Each issue is packed with short stories, serials, recipes and crafts inspiration, the best health and gardening advice and expert features.

Our stories are loved worldwide, and a subscription will ensure you never miss an issue or, more importantly, a serial instalment!

A subscription to “The People’s Friend” is the perfect weekly treat for yourself, or a gift to brighten a loved one’s day.