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Britain’s longest-serving war comic, Commando has been printing stories of action and adventure since 1961.

Commando prints four issues every two weeks – two new issues and two classic reprints from their Silver and Gold collections.

The Commando series is loved by all ages, crammed with great action and adventure stories that will keep you fascinated from cover to cover.

As popular and relevant to today as it was when it was first published in 1961 Commando offers stories involving the First World War, the Boer War, and Korean War to name but a few.

You will be kept gripped to Commando with every issue featuring a different story taking you to the heart of battle everywhere from land, air and sea.

Buy a Commando comics subscription today and don’t miss any of the action.

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The UK's longest-serving war comic

Commando ComicsCommando Comics

Over 60 years since its first issue hit the shelves, Commando is still going strong, offering readers adrenaline-filled stories of epic action and adventure.

Arriving in a 63-page format featuring classic black and white interior artwork, stories range from ancient empires, Viking and medieval combat, to WW1, WWII and more recent conflicts.

Occasionally, Commando fast-forwards in time, running stories from future wars. The home of heroes covering land, sea and air, Commando heroes hail from around the world, war and conflict providing the backdrop to tales of comradery and friendship in the face of adversity!

Delivered straight to your HQ

Enjoy free UK delivery with our essential selection of Commando subscription offers. We also offer overseas delivery options for readers around the rest of the world or convenient digital subscriptions.

Stunning artwork

Commando is famous around the world for its stunning cover artwork and comic strips created by some of the industry’s best-known artists. Commando regularly features the work of well-known comic legends including Ian Kennedy, Neil Roberts, Jeff Bevan, Keith Burns and Jose Maria Jorge!

Each self-contained, adrenaline-filled, story is expertly illustrated while Commando covers are always filled with explosive colour.

Take a trip down memory lane

Commando Comics is a nostalgic favourite, capturing the attention of readers for over sixty years now. A subscription is the perfect gift idea for Grandads, Dads, and husbands, or as something to share with kids.

Modern stories

The team at Commando bring readers more female-led and written stories, each highlighting how women have influenced history in all wars including WWI and WWII.

Grow your collection

A subscription ensures that you will never miss an issue. Grow your collection with brand new stories taking you to battlefields around the world (and beyond) and classic reprints from the vast Commando archives.

Support your favourite read with a great-value subscription direct from the publisher, ensuring that you do not miss the latest serving of quality, engaging content.

Publisher of Commando, DC Thomson is a leading media organisation in the UK. Established in 1905, DC Thomson publishes a huge selection of popular magazines and newspapers covering daily news, comics and lifestyle topics.

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