Ramsey’s Raiders Classic Stories


A brand new graphic novel from Commando. The book contains two classic stories about unconventional heroes as you have never seen them before – in full colour:

Ramsey’s Raiders
They were a motley bunch - two Scotsmen, one Englishman, one Welshman, one Irishman and an Australian. Led by the unconventional Captain James Ramsey, they were known as the Special Raiding Force, and their job was to operate behind enemy lines in North Africa. They wrote their own rules and their specially armed jeeps packed a real punch. They were good at their job - very good - and the Germans had every reason to fear Ramsey’s Raiders!

The Raiders Return
Captain Jimmy Ramsey and his team from the Special Raiding Force are back! After playing a big part in the defeat of the Afrika Korps, there was still a job to do…in German held Sicily. As usual, the Raiders didn’t do anything by the book, and took any chance to tackle the Nazis, no matter the odds. Even when their jeeps were destroyed, they showed that a captured German staff car made an equally effective… and deadly… form of transport!

132pp, paperback
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